‘Togetherness’ is a powerful movement. Together, we win championships. We celebrate traditions. We connect journeys and empower dreams. To inspire that internal spirit of ‘togetherness’, we’ve created “The Sound of Togetherness”- a new sonic for regional telco brand Etisalat. Campaign was launched as a music film, followed by social, digital and outdoor. The film is listed in "Top 20 Top Film Campaigns of 2020" in Campaign Middle East.
In addition, we created a film dedicated to people with hearing loss to celebrate International Sign Languages Day, September 23. Through the film we wanted to show that deaf people do feel, experience and can play music in their own way. They feel the vibration of the music. And since together matters (as Etisalat brand tagline), no one is being left out when it comes to experiencing music.
The film won 2 Bronze Awards at Dubai Lynx for Cinematography and Sound Design.
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